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The second kind of fine art coupon or fine art promotional code at the C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery will be fine art discount codes that may not be specifically time limited (although they may not last forever), but instead these special promo codes will be for certain special artworks or groups of artwork in the gallery.

Most commonly there might be an art promo code applicable for a discount on your entire order or for free shipping, but there also will at times be even greater discount codes giving special discounts for just certain galleries of artwork or artwork categories. These special fine art ecoupons will also be a kind of fine art discount code which you enter at checkout at the shipping screen confirmation page, but they will automatically be applied by the order system to artwork in a specific gallery or category section as described  in the coupon promo code description resulting in a kind of special promo package of a group of artwork which has been selected and grouped together.

Only one fine art coupon or fine art discount code can be applied at a time for a given order, but special discounts for packages of artwork WILL ALSO HAVE ANY COUPON CODE APPLIED as well. For example, if there is a special promotional offer for 3 8x10 photographs for a special price presented as a discounted package, you will have the opportunity to also (if available at the time you place your order) to also apply on top of that discount any timed or gallerywide fine art discount codes or coupons that are appilcable to a purchase which includes the already discounted special artwork package or collection. This is a kind of 'stackable fine art coupon' in a sense as is sometimes referred to on the web.

Enter any applicable C Ribet fine art coupon code or fine art discount code at the Shipping page as in the screen capture below:

Enter the best fine art coupon code at checkout

C Ribet discounted art packages not specifically activated by an electronic art discount promotional code...

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