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The following bundle is now available at the C Ribet Zenfolio Online Gallery:


If you want to adhere to the traditional look of ready to hang, frameless artwork display, then you can't do any better than the tried and true gallery wrapped canvas print.

This is one of the art discount bundle packages not activated by any art coupon promotional code - but to which an art discount code can apply. This discount artwork bundle consists of 1 pair (2) 12x18 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints - Gallery Wrapped Canvas - where you pick the two images you wish to use for the artwork.

Like the Gallery Wrapped Print, and the Gallery Standout the Gallery Wrapped Canvas print is a frameless, ready to hang, method for displaying artwork. While more expensive than the Gallery Wrapped Print for the Gallery Standout, as is obvious. the Gallery Wrapped Canvas print is printed directly on canvas which is then stretched and wrapped on a wooden frame. So, if you want your C Ribet artwork on canvas, this is the way to go without question.

The Gallery Wrapped Canvas presentation can seem expensive up front, but when you compare to traditional matting, framing and glazing, the Canvas Gallery Wrap (as the Gallery Wrapped Print and Gallery Standout) comes out to be less expensive unless you really skimp on framing, matting, glazing quality. This is another frameless and ready to hang means of displaying artwork that presents artwork with a real gallery feel.

After years of matting, framing and glazing myself at great expense in money, time and my own labor, I am becoming a convert to the frameless alternatives now available such as the Gallery Standout and Gallery Print Wrap and the traditional Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

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