How to Crop or Position Images for Printing

All open edition Fine Art Prints of C Ribet printed at Zenfolio are printed on papers which are some of the same which I use for printing limited editions. These open edition C Ribet Fine Art Prints are prints made by one the highest quality print services and are printed on the best Fine Art Papers of Hahnemuhle (German Etching Board 310) and as such are never printed edge to edge. A significant white space is left around the printed image to allow for proper framing. Cropping and/or positioning of your selected photographs on the Fine Art Paper page is therefore less critical than when you are cropping and configuring a photo paper print.

Photo paper prints are normally printed edge to edge (with a small portion of the image lost when the paper is cut). In order to create a printed sheet with a white border (unprinted paper) you will want to manually configure the printed image area on the photo paper page to give you white space around it, this is a process which you may want to do for framing. You do not have to print with white space. Some odd size images will print with some white space, even on photo papers.

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