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C Ribet - About the Artist

Artist Statement

"My art’s purpose is to expose the extraordinary beauty and energy of the Natural world. I love to explore what hides at the threshold of perception or passes unseen or overlooked. My tool is the camera, but the perspective I choose and my subject matter can render images which are abstract and highly contemplative. The tiniest fungi, lensing and reflection within raindrops and dews, the interplay of water with plants, all offer fascinating glimpses into worlds where boundaries of our ordinary reality no longer apply. …

About C Ribet Print Titles

Individual C Ribet Print Titles

Why do certain C Ribet prints have the titles they do?

You will find that for most all limited edition prints, there is some kind of evocative title applied. Before finally passing an image as one which I will print as a limited edition, I look for something which makes the image transcendent. I like to find a hidden story or dynamic within the personified visual elements of the image, or I require that I solidify my thoughts enough to explain at least to myself my viceral, emotional, or spiritual response and why that affects to me the way it does. …

About C Ribet Theme Nomenclature

Coming up with a verbal description of work is ever changing

Perhaps surpisingly, it is actually a lot easier to name individual images than it is to come up with a way to categorize the water images which are my current focus. Over the years the kinds of themes and levels of abstraction present in these images have shifted. Some are very subtle and delicate photgraphs. Some photographs are very bold and vivid. Some appear to tell detailed stories or conjure specific imagery in people I talk to about what they see in them. …

Limited Edition Artwork for Sale by Artist C Ribet

C Ribet Limited editions are sold at CRibet.com (the old C Ribet Yahoo Store).

Open Editions are here and sold through the new C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery accessible throughout this web site at most all pages.

I am adding more images to the Open Editions because of two reason, first, I am unable to myself print on metal or acrylic substrates which is possible now at the FineArtAmerica gallery, second, the online framing and matting tool is absolutely fantastic through the FineArtAmerica system, and third, it give me more time to work creatively instead of managing databases of COAs and print numbers etc. etc. which go along with producing limited edition artwork. …

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