Zenfolio Gallery Features / Shopping

Zenfolio Gallery Collector Account
You have the option to create a Collector Account allowing you to save Favorites Sets and/or shopping information. Favorites sets are sets of images you can share and manage. The shopping cart as any normal ecommerce cart saves your items you are thinking of purchasing, but more importantly at Zenfolio it ALSO saves all your options for custom framing, matting, product cropping, greeting card custom text creation etc. etc.

Zenfolio Gallery Shopping Process - online custom framing etc.
The way the Zenfolio shopping process works is that you place an image in the cart and then select the detailed options for that image. Prints have paper types, custom framing, cards may have custom text or designs. You may select custom cropping for an image. All these options appear AFTER you place an image in the shopping cart. Being able to retain this information and customization for any number of images is itself a reason to create a login account.


Zenfolio Gallery Favorites Sets
The Zenfolio online gallery offers a tremendous feature set to make finding images easy and most importantly giving you the opportunity to compare images you like and think about them before you make any commitments to purchase anything. You can create sets of images called Favorites Sets and send them to me or anyone else to edit them collaboratively - before you even select any print product and before you touch the 'shopping cart' at all.

Print Products offered for Purchase at C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery
Once you have selected one or more images to print, you can decide from a wide variety of print options for them. I have made available for open edition prints now:

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