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This is very similar to the example of working on a short and wide image which is in between even the quasi-standard 1;3 and 1:2 aspect ratios. Once again, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the Plantary Alien Space dewscapes which lend themselves to these kinds of usual dimensions to capture the spirit of the image.

It is worth running through the example, because it shows some quirks of the Zenfolio gallery system where sometimes intermediate dialog pages come up unexpectedly and to apparently no purpose (as in the short and wide example previously).

We start with the image detail page for the alien spectacle:

Crop Example Dewscape B

We then select the best match for the Fine Art Paper print type from the Featured Products list at the bottom right and a size we like which in this case is 24x36 inches. This time, for whatever reason, the Zenfolio system pops up directly with the 'Add to Cart' screen without the intermediate screen in the previous example (which seemed to have no purpose in that example).

To get to the configuration scree we hit the 'Add to Cart' button:

Crop Example Dewscape B 2

You can see in this screen capture that we are now at the page where we can do the 'Preview and Configure' process. We've also in all these examples now got a lot of things in our cart. We don't care! It is just a few clicks to get rid of anything in the cart and there is no 'one click, oops did I buy that' button to worry about. There is no way you can 'accidentally' but anything. We just keep sticking things in the cart as we do the 'Preview and Configure' options for them without worrying.

We click on the 'Preview and Configure' link:

Crop Example Dewscape B 3

One again, as in the other example, we see that the light color inside the orange bars is the part of the image printing on the paper. The dimmed portion of the image is the part NOT printed. We are NOT wanting to crop the image - we want the entire image AND white space around it on top of that to give us plenty of paper for proper matting and framing and the option to not overmat the image.

As in the previous example, the quick head start to get us close to where we want to be is to hit the 'FIT' tab/button above the image and yellow hint box. We hit the 'FIT' button:

Crop Example Dewscape B 4

This gets us again 90% to where we want to be. We do the final adjustment now by clicking and dragging the little orange corner boxes and then clicking inside the lines to move the paper around and give us whitespace on all four sides of the printed image.

Crop Example Dewscape B 5

This gives us the final result as below:

Crop Example Dewscape B 6

Once again, as in the wide and short example, we now have a printed image which is not cropped and has sufficient white space around it for proper matting and framing of this Fine Art Print.

© C Ribet 2013