Gallery Standouts

Gallery Standouts Fine Art Photography 3

Photos of actual gallery standouts of C Ribet artwork will be posted shortly.

Gallery Standouts Fine Art Photography 1

These are product photographs from the print producer. Gallery Standouts present artwork in a 'ready to hang' format where no framing is required. The print house for reasons of their own (see the product photo of the back) drills holes near each corner of the Gallery Standout backside, so you will want to mount with two nails to hang the Gallery Standout level. These are very light in weight so you can use only the tiniest nails - leaving your walls virtually unmarked if you choose to move the Gallery Standout print at a later time.

For the Gallery Standout print display the image is printed on your selection of photographic papers (with optional coatings) and then is laminated directly on a 1.5 inch thick solid core foam backing (colored black or white - see product photos). This gives a gallery feel to the artwork in your home. As for all products from this print house (which does C Ribet open editions) the quality of this product is beyond compare in excellence.

Gallery Standouts Fine Art Photography 4

This is a gallery quality mounting method and is extremely well done by the print house. I continue to be impressed with every product from this company and do not hesitate to recommend them and have them printing my open editions. Their care for packaging is second to none as well.

These Gallery Standouts and the Gallery Wrapped Prints are an excellent choice for any C Ribet image but are highly recommended when used in conjunction with Metallic Papers and C Ribet Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes.

Gallery Standouts Fine Art Photography 2

The surface of the Metallic Papers (particularly if a Lustre Coating is applied for extra UV protection and durability) is very very sturdy and does not need protection of glass and traditional framing. You save a tremendous amount of money over traditional framing and matting, and perhaps most importantly, you can avoid the expense and REFLECTIONS of glass or acrylic which goes with traditional framing and matting.

The costs for a UV protective AND scratch resistant AND non-glare glazing in traidtional framing are astronomical. If you have a delicate Fine Art print, you need this protection from physical abrasion - and you can't 'clean' the print itself readily if anything should contaminate the Fine Art Paper surface. You can forget all of that with a Gallery Standout or Gallery Wrapped Print wrap of Metallic Paper (or the E-surface paper). Once you are freed from a frame, you may never go back.

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