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This image has so impressed me on three print methods that I have created several bundles for those print and presentation methods. I now have the 8x10 of this as a Gallery StandoutGallery Wrapped Print, Aluminum Print and various 8x10 prints from the print house to explore paper types and coatings as well as presentations. I can say that on the Metallic Papers this image really pops with an almost holographic feel. The Lustre Coating and Metallic Papers make an excellent choice for this image. …

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Mushroom Art Subdomain Devoted to Mushroom Art Prints for sale by Artist C Ribet

Fungi Art for Sale by Artist 08

The first iteration of the mushroom art subdomain of ( has just gone live with an exclusive focus on the mushroom and fungi art photography of C Ribet only - visit the main C Ribet Zenfolio gallery for the abstract photography of Dewscapes and Mizzlescapes. The new mushroom art photography pages explain the thinking and exploration that goes behind the images and the snuffling about in the duff that is required to obtain

Abstract Photo as Gallery Standout Gallery Wrapped Print and Aluminum Print


I now have the 8x10 of this as a Gallery Standout, Gallery Wrapped Print, Aluminum Print and various 8x10 prints from the print house to explore paper types and coatings as well as presentations. I can say that on the Metallic Papers this image really pops with an almost holographic feel. The Lustre Coating and Metallic Papers make an excellent choice for this image. The Aluminum Print is very very bright as well and presents very well. All three of these frameless methods of presentation impress me. …

To Color or Not to Color Photographs

A C Ribet Mizzlescape or Dewscape (previously orbscapes) of plant leaves and water in close up view.


I have seen quite a few artists who offer the same images in different colors by modifying photographs after the fact. I have yet to do it myself, but would it be a good thing. Turn this image purple? Blue? There are colors that I rarely encounter (such as purples). There are lots of reds, yellows, browns in the dead and decaying leaf litter. I have no shortage of those, but rarely any blues, purples and the like... …

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Pacheco California Oaks and Oak Hillside Collection Posted at Zenfolio

California Oak Trees Pacheco 15

I've now put up the first selection of California oak tree pictures taken in Pacheco park, CA on an absolutely perfect day for capturing the hills receding into the mist. It took some hiking and enduring periodic rather cold rain, but was worth it as the conditions were perfect for capturing the hillsides fading away through the mists. I flatter myself to imagine that some of these works capture certain aspects of the artist Eyvind Earle's interpretations of the spirit of the California oaks and oak clad hills.

New Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes of Alien Landscapes and Space


I have posted a series of new rain drop / dew drop images with a very sci-fi alien world feel to them. While they are all macro water photographs, they are extremely abstract images and conjure an alien feeling. You can feel the vacancy of outer space in them as well as the heat of stars and roasted planets. These abstract photographs are totally unique and unlike others I have done before. These are different from some of the more contemplative orbscapes I have posted before. …

Sig Sauer P220 and .45 FMJ and Hydroshock

I've been posting Sig Sauer P220 art which mostly mirrors the black and white metallic colors of the P220, but I have repeated requests for more color variety in the art prints. I can't paint the Sig pink, but I can provide colors as context based on the background to the gun. I've put up a couple of variations today. The photo for this blog entry is one bathed in red, and with a different perspective looking down the sights. The colors not only help with 'decor' for those to whom that matters, but also set the mood in a different way from the straight black and white images.

Hahnemuhle German Etching Board 310 GSM

One of the many benefits of moving to the Zenfolio gallery for open editions is that the print provider who prints the fine art prints there is of the highest quality, and making me most happy is the fact that they print using one of my most favorite papers for my own printing of C Ribet limited editions. This fine art museum quality heavy weight watercolor board paper is Hahnemuhle's German Etching Board 310. I have used it for many many years myself and it is an absolutely superb fine art paper. …

New Website Jan 2013

Well, the old website was made with Sandvox v1 and unfortunately that version ceased to function. When we upgraded to Sandvox v2, we found that the old website could not be imported without falling literally to pieces with pages all torn up and scattered into segments and snippets like a tornado hit them. In spite of all this, we like Sandvox too much to give it up, so we are remaking this entire website from scratch and integrating it directly with the C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery

Events | Gallery California | C Ribet

December 15 5-10 pm

At 6:30 pm Dr.  Michael Link, Chief, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology will speak.

Proceeds from a silent art auction will go to benefit pediatric cancer research at the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health at Stanford. 

link posterv10 textmedium

DEC 15

2nd Annual Art Benefit Auction for Children’s Cancer Research

Artwork of C Ribet will be sold at silent auction to benefit pediatric cancer research at the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health at Stanford. …

Thank yous for San Rafael event promotion | Gallery California | C Ribet

Thank you to all the local San Rafael businesses helping to promote the event - Kamikaze Sushi, Evolutions Home Furnishings, Ollini Furniture, Artizmo Gallery at the Northgate Mall and others too numerous to mention!

Steve Mack of Framing Interiors | Gallery California | C Ribet

Steve Mack of Framing Interiors of San Rafael has kindly agreed to be available at Friday's event to answer any and all questions about custom framing and matting and other presentation related questions you might have about how to present and prepare artwork for display. Steve has owned and operated his custom framing business for over 28  years and has an experienced eye for aesthetics which you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Show Poster will be The Yin and the Yang | Gallery California | C Ribet

As you have probably figured out now if you've looked at the events pages, we have decided to use The Yin and the Yang as the image for the show announcement posters and invitations. This keeps the wraps on the new works to be released at the show, and it's a great image which works well when printed on other media. We'll have show posters from previous events at the show as well.

Sausalito Spring Faire - family oriented Sausalito art festival | Gallery California | C Ribet

See you next year! Notes from the events page: The Sausalito Spring Faire is held the first weekend in May in beautiful downtown Sausalito. Our 36th Annual Faire will be held on the weekend of May 6th and 7th. Enjoy 100+ artists, fine food, wine, live music and a children's entertainment area featuring music, theater and activities just for kids! Admission to the Spring Faire is free. This family oriented Sausalito art festival benefits the Sausalito Nursery School.

Off the Wall Celebration Raffle and Auction Winners | Gallery California | C Ribet

Thank you all for coming! Raffle and auction winners are being notified and can come by the gallery/showroom to pick up their pieces.

Off the Wall Celebration Invites | Gallery California | C Ribet

We are finalizing the invitations and putting together the lists for mailed invitations. If you want to receive a mailed invitation, please use the RSVP form for the C Ribet Off the Wall Celebration. We'll preferentially notify be email (saves trees), but if you want a mailed invitation we'll be happy to send you one.

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