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Fine Art Prints and prints on photo papers are prepared differently by the printer. Fine Art Prints are printed on papers LARGER than the image area on the paper and they are not cut or physically cropped down. Your Fine Art Print will be the image of the dimensions you have configured on screen on a sheet of paper larger than those dimensions. For safety, you may want to add whitespace yourself, but it is not required.

In contrast, prints on photo papers are presesented with NO WHITE SPACE around the image UNLESS YOU SPECIFY WHITE SPACE  yourself using the configuration tool. This is easy to do, but you may or may not want to do it for any given image depending upon how you intend to frame the photo print.

Configuring the Photo Print for Framing
If you are going to frame the print with a mat yourself or at a frameshop, you most likely want to print the photo paper print with white space around the image. This allows you to have the framer have plenty of paper under the mat to keep the print securely in place when framed. it also allows you to display a small region of white space around the image in the final framed art piece. This can look very nice with a black mat and saves the cost of double matting as well while achieving a similar look and feel.

Configuring the Photo Print for a Poster
If you want to use a photo print as a wall poster or for a poster framing style frame (where you likely will not mat the image at all), then you may or may not want whitespace around the image. The default is that there is no white space unless you see it on screen when using the configuration tool. You will need to use the cropping and configuration tool to show white space on screen for a photo print, or you will not have any - the image will be edge to edge on the paper.

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