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Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio

GalleryCalifornia.com showcases the artwork of C Ribet with a new focus on open editions - available through a new online art gallery at Zenfolio.com for C Ribet artwork newly available in a wide variety of print products previously inaccessible. This site (GalleryCalifornia.com) is a plain vanilla website with no ecommerce capability - all of that is now done through the Zenfolio gallery. The purchase process take place through Zenfolio, but the presentation is mixed between this - the GalleryCalifornia.com website - and the Zenfolio pages linked to and displayed live and accessible here.

Purchasing from C Ribet (GalleryCalifornia.com) is through the ecommerce engine and printing services of Zenfolio.

The new open edition images can be purchased as:

  • Canvas Prints (stretched canvas ready to hang)
  • Framed Prints (you can select Frame and Matting using an online visualization tool)
  • Art Prints (you can select papers)
  • Acrylic Prints (printed on acrylic and ready to hang with no frame)
  • Metal Prints (printed on metal and ready do hand with no frame)
  • Greeting Cards (blank greeting cards on heavy stock)
  • More (more specialty products which will be made available over time)

When you visit the Zenfolio online gallery, before you finalize any purchases, visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 2

C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery is an Image Driven

The Zenfolio Gallery is an image driven online gallery. This is ideal for me, because what I create are images, and I organize and manage them as images on the computer. The final physical art piece created can be anything involving the images. This aspect of Zenfolio is part of what enables the amazing features of the Zenfolio Gallery website (like the ability to create Favorites Sets and share them with me (C Ribet) or with anyone and edit them collaboratively):

Zenfolio Favorites Set share with Friend

C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery at GalleryCalifornia.com Shopping Process

All around the GalleryCalifornia.com website, there will be links to the C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery (like that one) as well as embedded viewports into the live Zenfolio gallery so that you do not leave GalleryCalifornia.com if you choose not to do so. I hope that this makes things easier and not harder! If it does not work for you, just right click on pretty much any link to or within the Zenfolio gallery and choose to open the link in a new Tab or a new Window.

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 3

The most simple opportunity to begin the process of thinking of purchasing an item can start at the details page for any image (you can also purchase from Favorites Sets) or from Gallery thumbnail sets or Collection thumbnail sets.

For example, in the Porthos the Bulldog Gallery where Porthos has his vanity pictures you can click the 'Select Photos' button:

Porthos the Bulldog Gallery

Which then allows you to select any number of photos in the gallery all at one time. You can then click the 'Add To Favorites' button to add them to a default Favorites Set called 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE" or use the 'Buy' pulldown. Having selected multiiple items you have see new options in the 'Buy' pulldown menu:

Porthos the Bulldog Gallery Checked

From the 'Buy' pulldown menu you can select 'products' for the selected photos OR you can simpliy save them for later in the default Favorites Set 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE' which is the default name for one of the Favorites Sets you can create, manage and share. These Favorites Sets are sets of images you can collaboratively share with others to review together. They are the precursors, if you will, to actual physical products...

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 4

The single image details page (with thumbnail gallery browser) is the most likeliy location from which you will select an image to add to a Favorites Set or which you wish to purchase as a print, canvas print, etc.

The Image details page for a portrait of Porthos:

Porthos the Bulldog Detail Page

If you hover over the 'Buy' button you will find that it is not really a 'Buy' button, but it gives you the option to save the image to the 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE' Favorites Set as well as purchase options. That Favorites Set is like any other, but with the predefined name, into which all images selected in the manner are placed.

Porthos the Bulldog Buy A

Alternatively, the other 'Buy' button gives the same options:

Porthos the Bulldog Buy B

Thus far we have only been considering images and using the Favorites Sets to organize images we are thinking of purchasing or which we want to share with others before looking at purchasing. The next step is to select a product to associate with the image(s) you would like to consider for purchase. The commencement of this process begins in the simplest way at a page like this for a single image when you  choose 'Select Product' from the 'Buy' pulldown menu or choose a product from the 'Featured Products' list at the bottom right side of the page. Remember as well before you finalize any purchases, visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 5

We are going to purchase a Framed Print of Porthos using the online custom framing tool.

The easiest way is to select the print we want from the 'Featured Products' list on the lower right of the image details page:

Porthos the Bulldog Detail Page

This is the easiest way to select a product, but you can also choose to select a product from a complete product list by using the 'Select Product' menu item in one of the 'Buy' menu pulldowns: 

Porthos the Bulldog Buy A

The 'Select Product' menu item of a 'Buy' menu will give you a screen like this one (which may show products which are unavailable for the photograph you are looking at) - selecting from the Featured Products list will only show products that are compatible. For example, selecting 'Select product' in this example gives this dialog:

Select Product Dialog List

For this example, selecting '8x10 Standard Print' from this dialog list or the '8x10 Print' item from the Featured Products list both gives us the next dialog for how we want to treat the 8x10 print (we'll frame it using the online framing tool):

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 6

Add to Cart Unveils Numerous New Options - including custom framing where it applies

Clicking the 'Add to Cart' button gives us the option to 'Preview and Configure' which allows us to perform actions such as our own cropping, custom framing and matting with the online framing tool, customization of greeting cards etc.

We will hit 'Preview and Configure':

Conformation and Preview Ask

We come to the most powerful (and most confusing) page in the configuration process where we can select from a wide variety of options as well as crop and adjust the image if we choose:

Porthos Zenfolio Edit Photo

Click once to open the small dialog for 'Mount and Frame' and start the framing and matting tool. The options for Paper Type are the same as we saw already (color, metallic, black and white). We selected 'Color' before and that is reflected in the Paper Type menu overlay text. For prints of animals and furry critters like Porthos, the default E-Surface color paper is usually best. However, for C Ribet Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes the Metallic Paper prints often are very dramatic and have a unique 3D enhancement from the Metallic Paper print process. Color Conversion is to convert to Black and White or Sepia (the buttons on top of the image also do the same thing). The generic 'Options' menu text give you options for paper coating or texturizing. Do not forget to check the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

Purchasing from GalleryCalifornia.com through Zenfolio 7

The Online Custom Framing Tool

There is no requirement to order framing online, as you can always simply purchase a print and arrange framing yourself. Indeed, the online tool for custom framing and matting may seem complex, but it sure can be easier than finding a reputable (and affordable) framing shop, bringing your print to the shop, and going through the process in reality instead of virtually. Using the online framing tool gives a huge cost savings over framing with a brick and mortar frame shop of similar quality. However, obviously, if you prefer to use a local framer, you can simply purchase the print and have them carry out the work.

Why Online Framing other than Cost and Convenience?
If you purchase a Zenfolio Print having it custom framed at Zenfolio gives you piece of mind that your print will not be damaged during the framing process and will certainly save you time as it takes not much longer for Zenfolio to process a framed print in most cases vs. just sending the print itself. Most custom framing shops have long wait times.

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