Zenfolio Gallery Features | Your Collector Account

You can maintain your own Collector / User Account at the Zenfolio C Ribet Gallery

I admit that this is another dreaded login and password pair to remember, but what you gain by doing it is the ability to create persistent sets of images from all over the entire gallery site as Favorites Sets which you can then share with me directly and collaboratively or with anyone else to view, edit, add to, remove from and manage collaboratively (or as a readme only style image set). 

Account Creation does NOT require payment or personal data.
This does not require you to enter any ecommerce information whatsoever or anything beyond creating a login ID and password combination. The Favorites Sets become associated with your account with nothing else provided - they are NOT an ecommerce feature like a saved shopping cart. You will ALSO be able to save your shopping cart and come back and edit that at any time if you create a login  account - but you are NOT required to do so to use Favorites Sets. Create a login, Create Favorites Sets. Share them with others. Consider the images, then, if you are certain, initiate the purchase process and start to pick options like prints on canvas, custom framing, fine art prints vs. photo prints etc.

Accounts give you Persistent Favorites Sets and (optional) Shopping Carts
Any Favorites Sets you create are bound to you account and are saved when you log out or move to another computer so you can access them anywhere at any time. Optionally, if you have chosen to add items to your shopping cart, that information will be saved as well.

How does it work?

Here is a snapshot of the site as of Jan, 2013. The main home page menu has a 'Login' menu item (as well as the very top of the page header). You click on the 'Login' to go to the next step using the home page Login link or any of the Login links at any page header. In the shot below, I am already logged in, so the page header reads 'logout' instead of 'login':

Zenfolio C Ribet Home Page Jan27

It is then a standard account creation dialog requesting an email and password. Here is the screenshot I took when Porthos the Bulldog was registering his account:

Zenfolio new account screen

Once you have registered, all of the Favorites Sets you create are bound to your account so if you end up at a different computer or return at a later time, they will stay with you and be there whenever you login.

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