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Welcome to the new Gallery California web site! Jump into the inline page below to explore the C Ribet Zenfolio open edition print gallery or scroll down past or use the menu at top to browse for help and information about C Ribet artwork.

Lion Closeup 6483

New look and content for starts now!
Welcome to the new website - new as of late January 2013. This revised website will become the main home for artwork and the bridge to the new C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery for open editions, canvas prints, cards and more exotic products like prints on metal or acrylic. While the site is under construction and gradually being filled out it will be very sparse, but over time it will grow. In the meantime, the Zenfolio gallery is fully up and running right now. I will put links here directly into Zenfolio as well as pages on how the purchase process works there for open editions and other products available there.

Open Editions and a whole new variety of print products will become available.
The biggest change is that I am from now forward offering open editions and lots of new works. The C Ribet Zenfolio gallery has lots and lots of new works there already, and more are in process now. 

Why this move away from exclusively doing Limited Editions?
First, I am not abandoning LImited Editions. They still exist. However, there are a multitude of reasons why having open editions make sense now. First and foremost, it gives more people the opportunity to enjoy more of my work and in many new formats which I am unable to create myself (e.g. prints on metal). I also have more time now freed up for more creative work and doing essential tasks like updating this website here at which (as anyone who has visited recently knows) has languished unchanged and out of date for a long time. Needless to say, it is very frustrating to be sitting at a desk managing spreadsheets of COAs and print numbers when one could instead be creating a new works outside. Watching the seasons pass doing that kind of paperwork is a pretty big incentive all by itself.

mushroom art print wall trioc-ribet-1-orchid-flower-bloom

What other sorts of artwork topics are available at the Zenfolio Gallery?
In addition to offering new manner of presenting images for display (like the stretched canvas artwork now available), I am also releasing bodies of work which were slated to be put in the pipeline for limited editions but which I did not have time to work on previously. I have, for example, released recently new exotic orchid photography which previously was not available as well as a short series of firearms art of the Sig Sauer P220 and .45 ammunition. These particular images have been popular for a long time at, but I had never gotten around to increasing the variety within that subtopic. It's not been my focus, but it should not be neglected either as it is not fair to those who have asked for more of it. I have also recently posted a new series of California Oak Tree photographs of the misty and hazy oak clad hillsides and valleys of Pacheco not far South of the Bay Area here in Northern California. I've been working a great deal off-line preparing content, and only now have set aside the time to take a breather from that and work on where and how it is presented.

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