To Color or Not to Color Photographs

A C Ribet Mizzlescape or Dewscape (previously orbscapes) of plant leaves and water in close up view.


I have seen quite a few artists who offer the same images in different colors by modifying photographs after the fact. I have yet to do it myself, but would it be a good thing. Turn this image purple? Blue? There are colors that I rarely encounter (such as purples). There are lots of reds, yellows, browns in the dead and decaying leaf litter. I have no shortage of those, but rarely any blues, purples and the like... I went from fungus and mushroom photography to doing these extreme macro photographs on dead and decaying plant materials which gives a wide variety of textures and colors, but I have yet to stray from the colors presented in the natural image. I have on quite a few occasions as shows and such been asked by people if I have this or that piece in another color, or if I have such and such a color. I think that often if people like a given form or image, they may like it for the shape and textures and be extra happy if it matches their decor - even if the artist did not originally capture that particular color. I wonder if this is something to consider...

© C Ribet 2013