Pacheco California Oaks and Oak Hillside Collection Posted at Zenfolio

California Oak Trees Pacheco 15

I've now put up the first selection of California oak tree pictures taken in Pacheco park, CA on an absolutely perfect day for capturing the hills receding into the mist. It took some hiking and enduring periodic rather cold rain, but was worth it as the conditions were perfect for capturing the hillsides fading away through the mists. I flatter myself to imagine that some of these works capture certain aspects of the artist Eyvind Earle's interpretations of the spirit of the California oaks and oak clad hills.

They are an absolutely perfect subject for printing on the Hahnemuhle German Etching which is the paper used by Zenfolio's printers for the Fine Art Print products (you see this as an option in the Featured Products or Products listings). This is the same paper I print on myself for limited editions and the company ships and packs them flat and treated as the fine art that they truly are on these board weight art papers from Hahnemuhle. You can see these Pacheco California Oaks and Oak Hillsides now at the Zenfolio gallery.

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