New non-eCoupon Art Discount Code Artwork Bundle


This image has so impressed me on three print methods that I have created several bundles for those print and presentation methods. I now have the 8x10 of this as a Gallery StandoutGallery Wrapped Print, Aluminum Print and various 8x10 prints from the print house to explore paper types and coatings as well as presentations. I can say that on the Metallic Papers this image really pops with an almost holographic feel. The Lustre Coating and Metallic Papers make an excellent choice for this image. The Aluminum Print is very very bright as well and presents very well. All three of these frameless methods of presentation impress me.

I have therefore created an artwork discount code free bundle package of 1 pair (2) of 8x10 Gallery Standouts. Give one of those this image, and pick another for the second!

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